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eTechXperts provides high-tech permanent and contract placement services on a nationwide basis. eTechXperts takes advantage of 20 years combined experience in a variety of information technology fields. Our talented team of professionals are ready to place you in a high-tech field or assist your company in IT positions with technical consultants, other short term contractors or permanent employees.

eTechXperts has high quality standards, ethics, and integrity. We offer the best possible candidates at competitive rates. Knowing how to maximize your investment by our screening process, we strive to provide you with quality consultants to perform and produce at an optimal level.

  • 20 years of collective experience in the business.
  • Team of professional recruiters with corporate experience, providing in-depth knowledge of staffing process.
  • Proprietary database with contacts worldwide to ensure top talent is recruited.
  • Committed to a 20%-25% permanent placement fee.
  • Company doesn’t pay fee until placement is made.

We can help you grow your company

If you’re a small business owner, you probably rely heavily on your computers and network to get through everyday. Profit margins are small these days and chances are you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time IT support staff to keep your network up and running. So you probably rely on IT support companies to fix problems with your computers and network as they arise.
The trouble is, the service you get from your IT support firm may leave you frustrated and full of questions. Different techs handle your issues, many don’t answer your calls right away, show up late or give you the run around when they come out to fix the same problem over and over again.
It’s time to upgrade your IT support experience and that’s just what eTechXperts is all about! We offer fast, competent, reliable service for all your network support needs.
Are you having a problem right now? We can help! Whether your computers are running slowly, your server is down, you have a virus or your hard drive is dead, our experienced IT support techs can get you back on track FAST!

We Help You Prevent Problems BEFORE They Happen

While we don’t have a crystal ball here at eTech experts, we work with computers and networking technology all day everyday. We know that regular maintenance, a solid plan for IT security, a strong back up system and continual monitoring can PREVENT most disasters before they happen. While many network support companies in your area are busy putting out fires, we’re helping our customers find the little problems that create the big problems down the road. We truly believe the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is.

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